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Seniors / Elder Abuse

In the broadest sense, elder abuse is the mistreatment of a senior or older person by someone they should be able to rely on or trust.  Many times, they are someone who is in a position of authority and will often take advantage of that position or of the relationship associated with that position.  Elder abuse can be an individual thing between an abuser and a victim or it can be a systemic thing that comes from policies and procedures enforced by well-meaning care facilities.  Some people have full intentions of trying to take advantage of a senior (telephone and email frauds are a great example) and some people start out with good intentions but things go badly quickly (overwhelmed caregivers, power of attorney that took some money to pay bills with the intent to pay it back…).

While there are very few criminal charges associated with elder abuse, the reality is that not all cases are appropriate for criminal court.  In some cases, the most productive avenue might be advocacy however how to go about achieving this is often a mystery to seniors and caregivers alike.

On this resource page are a list of publications and links to provide you with information on elder abuse.  Some of the links are to our own work and some are to other community groups.  Since we are a Leeds & Grenville based organization, community links are mostly for organizations in that catchment area.  

For further information about this topic, please visit


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