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Intimate Partner Violence


What is IPV?

Intimate Partner Violence (also known as domestic violence) is any actual or threatened physical, sexual, psychological, emotional or financial abuse in an intimate relationship (dating, common-law, married, divorced, living together or separated).

According to the Domestic Violence Death Review Committee (that reviews domestic homicides in Canada and make recommendations to help prevent future homicides), roughly 70% of domestic homicides happen in situations that do not have a history of physical assaults and many times the homicides seem to happen around child custody cases and family court issues.

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Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment Checklist was developed by the Kingston Anti-Violence Coordinating Committee (KFACC) in order for victims and service providers to gain perspective on the level of risk a person and/or their children may be in. This tool can be used in the safety planning stage, helping guide victims more effectively. 

Questions in the Risk Assessment Checklist with asterisks are deemed to be most concerning and highest risk of future violence and/or lethality.

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Safety Planning

Victim Quick Response Program

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