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Welcome to our Wish List Page!

We often get asked 'how can I help?" when it comes to the work that we do.  Not everyone is able to give the time and resources to volunteer but they still want to feel like they are helping in some way.  So this page is for you!  Below are a list of things we need for staff, volunteers and clients.  Any contributions are greatly appreciated no matter how small.  This page will change as our needs change so check back often!  If you are interested in picking up any of the items listed below, please notify us via email ( or call the main office line (613-548-4834) and staff will make arrangements for drop off or pick ups.  On behalf of all of us at VSKF, we thank you for your unwavering support and generosity.

Tim Horton's Gift Cards ($5.00 or $10.00 denominations ideal) - For Victims and/or Volunteers who have had a really long night and getting through their days with minimal sleep. The gift of a Tim Horton's or similar card can be a small relief to help them through!

Grocery store gift cards ($25.00 denominations ideal) - We have some resources we can use but we have many that just don't fit the need for a variety of reasons.  This is particularly helpful for domestic violence victims (male and female), seniors who are defrauded of money and left struggling to get through the month, families that are left with nothing after a fire, and / or family members who have traveled to be with a loved one during a tragic event and are in need of food and lodging on a short-term basis.  This is an on-going need and we will take as many donations of these as possible.

Gas cards for places like Petrocan or Esso ($25.00 denominations ideal) - Due the vast rural nature of our region and the fact that there is no public transportation outside of Kingston to obtain services within the city, we often have clients who are trying to get connected to the resources they need but are unable to get there.  Gas cards are used for things like transportation to counseling appointments after a traumatic event or doctor's appointments or similar things.  This is an on-going need and we will take as many donations of these as possible.

Used cell phones - We often have victims who have their cell phones taken or broken during violent or tragic circumstances and are without the means to replace them. This can be very problematic for people trying to access services and supports but have no way to communicate. If you're upgrading your phone and don't have a use for your old device, please consider passing it along.  They are also excellent safety devices as they can be used for 911 wherever there is a service.  This is an on-going need and we will take as many donations of these as possible.

Phone Cards - Chatr or similar - For Victims with a phone who cannot afford to put minutes on it to communicate with their support system and services.

Walmart Gift Cards (denomination of $10-$20 ideal)- Walmart cards can be especially beneficial to victims who have little to no basic necessities. Although we have the VQRP to cover some things under specific circumstances, we have many clients who don't meet the eligibility criteria but have needs to be met.