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Safety Planning

It’s important to keep in mind that you do not have control over another person’s level of violence.  If you are being subjected to some form of abuse, creating a safety plan may help you to prepare for the possibility of future violence and hopefully help you protect yourself and your children.

Safety plans are information that’s specifically geared towards actions you can take, for yourself and / or your dependents.  Risk factors change and that means safety plans also need to change sometimes.

On this resource page are a list of publications and links to provide you with information on safety planning.  Some of the links are to our own work and some are to other community groups.  

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KFACC- Risk Assessment Checklist

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Version Française

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Other Safety Plans

Children’s Safety Plan cdvsca/childrens-safety-plan. html 

Internet Safety Planning & Technology  cdvsca/internet-safety.html

Teen Safety Plan cdvsca/teen-safety-plan.html 

Senior Safety Plan cdvsca/older-persons-safety- plan.html 

Safety Planning for the Home

Safety Planning when you live your partner